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Cono Brella is a small family cafe that provides breakfast, lunch and early evening menu. Cono Brella's name is made up from our two unique and tasty pizzas, Cono is a cone shaped pizza and Brella is an umbrella shaped pizza topped with a choice of your topping. They are truly and utterly delicious and will get you coming back for more. All food is made from fresh and good quality ingredients and is very reasonably priced. 

Our menu consists of pizzas, sandwiches, soup, calzone, grilled salmon, cakes and biscuits and many more to choose from. 

Not only do we serve tasty food but we also provide tasty illy coffee that can be enjoyed while admiring the view from any seat in the house. 

Sun-Fri 10:30-6pm, Sat 10:30-7pm

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