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For almost 25 years the company has been manufacturing high quality perfumes in bulk, offering an economically efficient, environmentally-friendly and an intelligent way to sell their products - you can buy perfumes for different occasions in different volumes in refillable glass bottles with maximum quality at competitive prices.

REFAN is a worldwide leading brand - a symbol of high quality and prestige.

Welcome to our newly opened shop where you will find fragrances that you may not have encountered in cosmetics before! Plus handmade glycerin soaps with essential oils; top-class cosmetic products at affordable prices; draught perfumes with incredible quality and long lasting aroma, priced from £ 6.50;

- Our products are of high quality at affordable prices

- Perfumes with a long lasting aroma  - with prices from £6.50

- Cosmetic products with rose oil, known worldwide as the "healer" of many skin problems.

- Cosmetic products with snail extract, hyaluronic acid and many more

- Aroma candles with essential oils

- Handmade glycerin soaps with essential oils

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