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New Menu at PizzaExpress!

New Menu at PizzaExpress!

It's finally summer! Time for warm nights and late-night bites, spontaneity and sunshine. PizzaExpress’ seasonal menu is packed with delicious new delights to fuel your fun. So pull up a chair and tear off a slice. Come hungry and leave carefree, because you can be your summer self at PizzaExpress.

Go on a flavour adventure this summer. With slow-cooked duck and a hoisin sauce base, our new Romana Hoisin Duck is a feast from the East!

Fancy a pizza this and a pizza that? Do a Duo Romana and get your two favourite pizzas in one – perfect for avoiding food FOMO.

Sundae on a Monday kind of person? You can have our irresistibly rich Lotus Billionaire’s Sundae or our strawb-tastic Eton Mess Sundae any day of the week.

Zucchini in your bikini? The new Romana Zucchini and Ricotta tastes great at your favourite sunbathing spot.

And don't forget to make your day Chimi-cheery with their new Chimichurri Dough Balls, loaded with garlic and fresh herbs.

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