ROAR! Dinosaurs Return
ROAR! Dinosaurs Return

ROAR! Dinosaurs Return

Monday 17th July to Sunday 13th August


FREE fun for everyone!


Following their roaring success over Easter 2016, T-Rex has brought some new friends to visit this summer. 12 animatronic dinosaur models will be taking over the centre located in 9 different locations across 3 floors!


They move, they roar, they breathe… but don’t worry, they won’t bite (so we’re told)!


Alongside the Famous T-Rex, meet and learn about many others including Spinosaurus (one of the largest carnivores to have ever lived on Earth), Raptorex (one of the most ferocious carnivores) and Troodon (the smartest dinosaur known to date).


Plus, get involved with dino-tastic workshops on the 1st floor overlooking the water.  Excavate for dinosaur bones, mould your favourite dinosaur, get creative with designs to be projected on to a dinosaur and take a photo with a baby dinosaur.


Workshop Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 12noon – 4pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 5pm


Please note, the workshop area is first come first served and could be busy at times meaning that some activities may not be available. Activities offered are for a mixture of ages, not all will be suitable for very young children.


Join us come rain or shine this summer for a ROARsome time with our prehistoric visitors!